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Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)

Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)
Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)

Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only): You won’t be able to find a game that compares to this one if you enjoy watching Rick and Morty and want to play one that is based on the show. The game is not meant for anyone younger than adults owing to the inclusion of various images and scenarios that may not be suitable for children. Before starting with Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home, download all of the information you require from this page.

Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)

Before downloading this game, be sure you are an adult and not a child or a guardian. All of the information related to this game is included on one page. In the event that you are unfamiliar with this game, this page will act as a guide.


Please note that we provide original and pure game files and provide a faster download speed than Other Websites. All the mod/apk files provided are only for education & development purposes. For More, Please refer to our Disclaimer.

Details on Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)

Size3.5 GB
Released on20-Feb-2019
Updated on16-Oct-2021
Offered byFerdafs

Wiki on Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)

As previously stated, Rick and Morty A Way Back Home is a game that can be downloaded for Android-based smartphones. This is actually a version created by a single person working alone. By conducting a quick online search, you can find a list of the hundreds of different games that are based on this application. However, compared to other games, this one is quite distinctive. The original Rick and Morty are included in one game, whilst other games use fictitious characters to represent Rick and Morty.

The only characters in this game are those from the previous programme. Any Android-powered smartphone or tablet can be used to play the Rick and Morty game without any compatibility difficulties. None of the official app retailers, including the Google Play Store, will carry it because it contains content that is deemed inappropriate for children.

Pros and Cons of Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)


  • Downloading the Apk programme will allow you to quickly access the app’s most recent uploads and intriguing features.
  • Applications that are restricted can be downloaded and used locally.
  • The most recent upgrades from the Google Play store can be updated in apk files. You will receive a notification on your phone each time an update is available.
  • You can get the most recent version of Rick and Morty: A Way Back HomeApk from our website even if the Google Play Store is unavailable where you live.


  • You should be aware that the developer who generated the modified version of any Apk was not the original developer (publisher). Therefore, the majority of hackers may find that app with ease and add any problem to it.
  • Additionally, you may have seen news reports warning consumers not to download apps from unidentified sources from the Google Play store.
  • If you use a modded version, the publisher’s labour is for naught because they receive nothing; as a result, they may decide to stop creating these programmes or choose an other path.

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FAQs on Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)

  • How can I download the Rick and Morty: A Way Home Android Apk file from GamingHarsh.com?

A: You don’t need to look elsewhere because we have already made this programme available in this post for free. Get the newest version of the software from GamingHarsh.com then you may tell your relatives and friends about your experience.

  • Is Rick and Morty an Apk Freeway Home?

A way home for Rick and Morty A free app with countless possibilities is called apk. Although you can choose to subscribe to pro features, you will only receive free applications from this source.

  • How does GamingHarsh.com ensure complete security for the Rick and Morty: A Way Home Apk?

A: If someone needs to download an apk file from gamingharsh.com, we search Google Play for the right apk file and let users download it there. We will find the Apk file on our cache server if the Google Play store does not have it.

  • Is it safe to download other Apk files from this website?

A: Yes, downloading from our site and other programme files is completely secure.

  • After installing the application, can I remove it?

Ans. Yes, you can remove this Apk application from your Android smartphone after installing it there. Additionally, this application is simple to uninstall.

  • Is rooting my phone necessary in order to utilise the App?

Ans. No, to use this software, your phone does not need to be rooted! The app functions properly on your smartphone and provides a wide range of capabilities without requiring root access!

  • What minimal system specifications apply to your APK?

An Android 5.1+ device with a competent processor, at least 1 GB of RAM, and a high-quality screen can easily use an iOS app.

  • What is the price of this app/game?

Ans. The user interface of the app enhances the gaming experience for users by adding premium features and raising the game’s quality, which raises awareness of and interest in the game among users.

Ending Note On Mod Apk: Rick And Morty A Way Back Home (18+ only)

This brings all we wanted to say about the game Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home to a close. We sincerely hope that downloading the installation package from this page will go smoothly.

Many other games that are similar to this one are accessible via the internet. We choose this game over others since it contains all of the Rick and Morty elements that you are already familiar with.

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