Eternals Is Ambitious, Diverse BUT a Marvelous Misstep

Eternals is easily one of Marvel Studios’ biggest films in scope and ambition, telling a story that spans 7000 years, cruising through human history and beyond the known space. While that makes it the MCU’s most intriguing film to date on a philosophical level, it is let down by a story and script that favours worldbuilding over character development.

As of late, it’s almost abundantly clear that a film starting with a wall of text that isn’t called ‘Star Wars’ may have too much work cut out for itself to live up to the mountains of lore established before the first live-action frame gets projected. However, that gets me excited as I’m reminded of entering a heightened reality, and for a film that aims to establish the grand rules of a universe that even higher beings like Thor, Loki, and maybe even the Time Variance Authority (in Loki) may not know of is a big task. So, what’s the deal here? Who are the Eternals, and where have they been? As the trailers have managed to answer that concisely, the Eternals are immortal beings who were sent to Earth by a higher life (?) form called the Celestials. Their mission? To rid the planet of the evil Deviants, apex predators at the top of the galactic food chain. The 10 leading Eternals arrive on Earth roughly seven thousand years before the ‘present day’ and while they are successful in managing to defeat the Deviants, they are stranded on the planet, waiting to be called back by Arishem, the prime Celestial who sent them on their mission.


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